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About Us

Fast VPN Security is the safest, most private, and most secure VPN on the App Store. Unlike our competition, we don't collect, store, or sell your data. Our users' privacy is of utmost importance and our commitment to protecting their data is second-to-none.

Fast VPN Security is a 100% unlimited, VPN that does not require any type of registration. We give you the freedom to be completely anonymous because all of your traffic is encrypted while VPN is on. We allow you to browse the web anonymously without the fear of being tracked.

How does Fast VPN Security Work? Fast VPN Security, encrypts your data and safely connects you to any web site or mobile app. Fast VPN Security, keeps you safe by directing your data traffic through our secure servers. Your personal IP address is hidden so that you are free to browse the internet without revealing your location to anyone without permission.

Fast VPN Security Benefits:
- Browse the internet safely knowing your passwords, credit card numbers, and bank accounts are safe from hackers.
- Keep your online activities and location private whether you are at work, airport, coffee shop, home using a shared public Wifi or on the move.

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